Monday, December 19, 2016

Cologne, Germany Hotel Reviews: CityClass Hotel Residence am Dom

I was in Germany for business (Essen to be exact) and wanted to take an extra day to see the city of Cologne. Unfortunately, I was sick, so I didn’t get to really experience Cologne, but I did manage to go to one traditional brew house and walk around a little.

It being my first time to Cologne, I was unsure on the layout of the city and where to stay. What I did know was I wanted to be a very close walk to the sights, as well as being close enough to the train station to walk (save on that cab $$). After much deliberation, I decided to stay at the CityClass Hotel Residence am Dom
Below is a view from the front of the hotel. This was taken before I left Monday morning, but Sunday afternoon, the tables were full of people. The location was perfect - it was central like I had hoped. The river is a minutes away and the hotel is central, surrounded by tons of restaurants. The walk from the train station is approximately 10 minutes(due to crosswalks, etc.), .5 miles from the train station. Totally doable with my rolling suitcase, back pack and extra bag.
I was able to check in a little early, and the people at the front desk were wonderful. They gave me a map of Cologne, and made suggestions on what to visit on the two days that I was there. The lobby area was simple, but visually appealing.
I picked a small room with a double bed. I know things are a little more compact in Europe, but I wasn’t expecting the room to be this small. That being said, I had absolutely no problem with it, as there was plenty room for my luggage and to walk around. I would recommend this room for only one person, two if you are only going to be there a day or two and you don’t get easily annoyed with your partner. The beds were comfortable. Everything was spotless. I also enjoyed that the water (sparkling) in the fridge was complimentary.
I loved the view from my depending on what side your room is on, you could have this too. Might get loud on a Friday/Saturday as the street below is full of restaurants/bars.  
As a part of the deal I booked online, breakfast was included. There was a large assortment of items, definitely worth your money. There is a server that walks around, clearing your plates, and getting you coffee/tea if requested. I believe at lunch/dinner time, this turns into restaurant/bar where hotel and the general population can partake in.
I would stay here again in a heartbeat. Perfect location, great employees, great prices and it was clean and modern looking. 

Nearby food recommended: There are tons of restaurants around the area, I went to 2 during my stay, and would recommend the below! 
-Peter's Brauhaus
Nearby Sights: 
-Just get out and walk!
-Cologne Cathedral
-Several Museums
-Several Brauhaus' 

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