Monday, July 25, 2016

Crystal City: Bozzellis Italian Deli

My work bestie, Jasmine (and real life friend, just so there is no confusion) and I love to go out and try new places for lunch about once a week. Sometimes more if I am bad and don't pack. We both love pizza and are on a mission to try all of the pizza places in the surrounding area. This particular discovery occurred via the search nearby on yelp. Bozzelli's popped up and we have now been here a few times and Jasmine has declared it on of her favorite pizza places in this area.  
Bozzelli's Italian Deli is a local chain (3-4 stores) and this particular location is in Crystal City, a block or two away from the main strip of restaurants. It is a small store front but they have a few pub tables inside and a few tables outside. During lunch hour it can get crazy. The first time we came we ate in the restaurant and the place was filled to the brim with lunch hour folks. 
Pretty much wanting to try everything on the menu, I somehow settled for just one "extra" thing and decided to try the Fried Ravioli. It was awesome - the cheese was gooey and it was a solid marinara dipping sauce. I brought the rest back to my office mate and he scarfed them down and said they were awesome (update - I have also tried the mozzarella sticks, equally cheesy and delicious)
Jasmine ordered one of the set pizzas and it came with mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage and onions. The sausage is phenomenal and this was the pie that won her over. I ordered a pizza with a few veggies and I agreed that this was a good go to place. The second time we came, Jasmine got another assorted meat and veggie pizza and I stole a slice. I normally shy away from meat on pizza but all of the meat at Bozzelli's is great and I find myself leaning towards ordering meaty pizzas. 
I decided to switch things up my second time around and ordered the Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella sub. Very delicious, if you love red peppers and prosciutto I highly recommend this sub.  
Even during lunch hour Bozzelli's is very quick (you can order online/call/in person). Food is delicious. There are a lot of things Jasmine and I wanted to come back and try and I have a feeling it's going to be a part of our normal rotation. 

They also sell wine/beer/other random stuff, which is great if you are taking out for dinner (or want a cold beer with lunch)! 

Would I come back? Yes! White pizza, fried mozzarella/zucchini and pepper shooters are on my to try list! 

2600 Crystal Dr #1
Arlington, VA 22202
Tel: 571-970-4570
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