Tuesday, March 22, 2016

John Hancock's Fit Foodie 5k in Fairfax, VA : Come Run With Me!

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I hate getting back into running shape but I absolutely love the runners high I get when I am in shape. 

I have done a few 5k races in my life but I normally just choose to run on my own. Running for charity is great but I'd rather just donate the money and not run. That is, unless, I personally get something out of it (I know, I am a terrible person)*. Enter in the John Hancock Fit Foodie 5k. Not only do you get to get your fitness on, but you also get two FREE drinks, an awesome goodie bag and lots of different vendors telling you about their awesome food/workout products/samples/etc. 
Anyways, I liked the idea of this race so much I decided to apply to be an ambassador for the race...and I was chosen! One of their hashtags is #caloriesburned #caloriesearned - story of my life. 

As part of the ambassador program all of my friends, family, readers, anyone really gets 10% off the price of the race.   

What? John Hancock Hosts The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race Weekend 
Where? Strawberry Park in Mosaic District 
When? May 20-22, 2016! 
Why? This event is the ultimate celebration of food, fitness, and fun. John Hancock Hosts The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race Weekend is jam-packed with three-days of events that get your mouthwatering and your heart pumping. The weekend includes a Friday night VIP Party and Saturday morning race concluding at the John Hancock Vitality Village, chock-full of delicious food and beverage samples, exciting culinary demonstrations from Cooking Light personalities, and mini fitness classes led by acclaimed professionals. The weekend concludes on Sunday with a calorie-torching workout followed by a delicious dining experience.
Price? Tickets for the Fit Foodie 5K Race are priced at $35 until April 25, 2016, and $45 until May 21, 2016, so be sure to register before prices increase! If you use the discount code LETSDOLUNCH you can get a 10% off online ticket sales! To purchase tickets, go to: www.fitfoodierun.com.

*There is also a charity chosen for each race location, and depending on the ticket you get, a portion of it goes to that charity! 

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