Monday, November 30, 2015

Essen Hotel Review: Mercure Hotel Plaza Essen

I recently went on a work trip to Europe and one of the towns we stayed in was Essen, Germany (we also spent about two days in the quaint, wonderful town of Mechelen, Belgian which I will write about soon).

The Mecure Hotel is located near the city centre of Essen (5 minute walk to lots of restaurants and shops), about a 15 minute walk from the train station. 
The room was just the right size for two people, even better for one. In the room there was a closet, desk, sitting chairs with a table and a tv. I had enough space to unpack and hang up my clothes, as well as set up my laptop for work. I thought the bed was comfortable but I am not picky-I loved the fluffy comforters though. 
There was enough space in the bathroom for all of my junk to be spread out on the counter. Plenty of towels were around, and they also had a combo body-wash/shampoo dispensers. I have noticed that Europeans (at least Germans and Belgians) are more environmentally conscience. They had signs on the towels asking to reuse them if possible instead of getting new ones everyday. 
For a fee, ~17 euros (approx. 19 USD), the Hotel Mercure serves breakfast. It is quite a spread, and different from your typical American breakfast. They offered the familiar scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and potatoes. There was also an impressive variety of baked goods, sliced meats, cereals, fresh juices and other odds and ends. Every morning I had eggs, bacon, fresh smoothie/juice, bread, tea and sometimes a small bowl of cereal. I basically just tried little bites of everything. The bar area was great to hang out in - we hung out there one night and I did some work there during the day. 
This hotel was great, very visually appealing. If I need to make a complaint, the carpets/hallways on the floors with rooms are a little outdated. If you are visiting Essen for a conference, vacation or the reason I was there, Essen Toy Fair (Spiel Essen) this is a great place to stay. 

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