Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Travel - Finger Lakes: Knapp Winery and Vineyard Restaurant

Cayuga Lake is one of my favorite vacation destinations. I have been going here for my entire life - but ever since I turned 21 I have made it my mission to explore the surrounding wineries. Unfortunately my family are not big wine drinkers so it has been a slow journey. The past two years I've gotten smart and brought up one of my besties, a fellow wine lover who has been more then willing to explore with me. 

Although we went here last year, they are currently home to one of my favorite rosés, so I wanted to pick up a few more bottles. They also made it on VinePair's THE 8 AMERICAN WINERIES WITH THE BEST RESTAURANTS ON SITE so I wanted to give their restaurant another try. While we liked it last year, it didn't knock our socks off.  

We started off with a tasting, talking with a lovely lady who sons lived near us and she was just social enough without being overwhelming. My favorites this year were the rosé (was my fav wine this year and last year of the trip) and the LIMEncello. I actually bought about 7-8 bottles here. 

Before making our wine purchases, we headed over to the restaurant for some lunch to give the restaurant a try again. 
We split a cup of soup for an appetizer - the bacon cauliflower. I haven't been this wowed by a soup in a long time. The cauliflower added a nice creaminess, and the smoked bacon - well the bacon added the salty, flavor bomb of goodness. We wished we had a vat of this to take home. 
couldn't decide on what I wanted so I ordered the falafel and it was your typical falafel. I really liked there dipping sauces, in particular Their limencello cilantro aioli - yum.
Carrie was immediately drawn to one of the specials, the kielbasa. This was the winning dish. I loved it and she enjoyed it, but wished there had been more sauerkraut on it (I enjoyed the lack of it, because, yuck!) - she tried to flag down the server for more but couldn't get a hold of her before our meal was done.
The meal was good, worth a stop if you are at the winery. Plus, if you eat at the get a coupon for 10% off a purchase at the winery! 

However, if you are looking for a "Top 8" restaurant, I suggest heading down the road to Crystal Lake Cafe at Americana Vineyards. I have never had anything there that I wasn't 100% over the moon with. Disclaimer - I like the wine at Knapp it is an even trade off.

2770 Ernsberger Rd
Romulus, NY 
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