Friday, July 10, 2015

Thirsty Thusday: Happy Hour at the Chart House in Alexandria

Ok, ok - I know today is Friday. But life just got crazy/has been crazy with my boss being gone and everything being left up to me. It's been a struggle to focus on anything other then work. 

Luckily my future roomies were hanging out in Old Town Alexandria the other night so we all met up for happy hour and I was able to unwind some. We were wandering around for awhile because they wanted to go to a brighter place...apparently there are a lot of darker bars in Old Town. 
We settled upon the Chart House, right on the waterfront and managed to snag a few seats at the bar. It was crowded but not packed. They have happy hour from 4-6:30pm in the bar and lounge and definitely fulfilled the bright need.
The girls all ordered varying white wines which were better then your average house wines. Because I had tried a few brands of the wines they were offering already I decided to go with their fruity cocktails. My first choice was a drink I usually order every time I see it on the menu, the Mango Mojito. It was light and fresh, although a little sweet and needing more mint. Second was the Monarch Margarita - I think it had grenadine or something in it. It was sweeter then I prefer my drinks to be, but still had the taste of a margarita. 
We tried an assortment of food from the happy hour menu (fries, chicken pita, fried artichokes, hummus trio, ahi nachos) but sadly it was mediocre at best. Nothing was bad - except for the fries (not fried enough, and if you say they are truffle fries, I better get some darn truffle flavor), but severely lacking in flavor.  
As far an ambiance goes, this isnt a happy hour place to go out and meet new people. It's more of a place to catch up with friends/coworkers/date night. Service was fine at the bar - although they have a policy I hate, which is making you give your card to open a tab when you first order something. I get that you have to do that at certain places, but for a "fancier" restaurant, I thought it was pretty classless. End rant. It's also important to note that this place feels like a tourist attraction - which can be a good or bad thing. 

Would I come back? Perhaps for the drinks which were quite tasty, but I will be passing on the food. The view from the bar/lounge is awesome, overlooking the waterfront - so that might bring me back. 

1 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA 
metro: king street (1-1.5 mile walk)
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