Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap #1

Happy Monday everyone! I'm off to upstate NY for the week tomorrow! Be ready for an overload of nature and wine photos/posts!

Before that happens, here is a quick recap of my weekend! 

1. This week has been a little hectic because my boss (on our two person team) is headed to Africa for a few weeks for vacation so we have been busy getting our ducks in a row. Thursday I decided to unwind and made an amazing zoodle dish - steak with zoodles and chimmichuri- super simple, will definitely be blogging about it soon. With that I also enjoyed a few glasses of rosé from my favorite wine store, Swirl and Sip
2. Friday - Spent time with the family watching my mom be recognized for being awesome. So proud of her!!!
3. Made some delicious pasta salad for a mini family reunion and had the little ones help me out. I normally make this with zoodles and I am totally in love with this recipe. A lot of people at the party enjoyed it with regular noodles, so I will definitely need to write about both ways! 
4. Dog watched my aunt & uncles dog - she is adorable but very clingy. Don't worry - this was taken at a red light!
5. Sunday I spent the afternoon at the Safeway’s National Capital Barbecue Battle courtesy of Liquefied Creative Media. Walking around I got a lot of free swag which was nice and tried some yummy barbecue - including Jar B Cue (BBQ in a jar). I was a little confused about the whole event - it seemed like for the general public you just paid to get/try free samples of products and buy upscale carnival barbecue. Although there were people there actually competing for different BBQ things - I don't think the public got to try it. On that note, my favorite things that I tried were the new Chobani dips and the Olive Garden bread-stick sandwiches that were surprisingly good! 

Have a great week! <3 

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