Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Movie Series at the Occidental

This past Saturday I attended the Summer Movie Series at the Occidental in DC. Unfortunately there were crazy storms that night, but they were able to move the event inside. I can't even imagine how lovely the movie night normally is - I have attended another outdoor event on their patio (here) and it was gorgeous. 
Anyways - the deal is a 3 course meal and a movie for $45 (drinks not included). Which when you think about it is a great deal for a date night. Especially when you are getting food from a highly reputable restaurant. I really liked that all of the dishes on the menu were familiar but had a unique twist added to them. 

There are three more opportunities to experience this great event - July 18, August 8 and September 8. If you enjoy classic movies and fun food - make sure you check it out before summer is over! 
Being the foodie that I am, I really liked that there were options under each category to choose from instead of a set menu. I was lucky enough to be sitting with people who liked trying everything so we all traded bites. 
You will have to excuse my photos - it was a movie it was pretty dark in the restaurant. Both appetizers we tried (melon salad & ham with asparagus) were both seasonally appropriate, light, fresh and delicious. 
Hands down the favorite of the group was the Miso Glazed Alaskan White Salmon. I never thought I would order a fish over filet...but couldn't have been happier with my decision. The nuttyness of the sunchoke puree and the sweetness of the miso glaze paired perfectly with the White Salmon. I especially enjoyed the white salmon as the fish flavor wasn't overwhelming. 
You couldn't go wrong with either dessert - one was a classic with a slight twist (almond pound cake) and the other was for the adventurous - a strawberry gazpacho with some flair. 
If you are interesting in attending one of the remaining movie nights (July 18, August 8 and September 8) please call 202-737-4147 to make reservations. 

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