Friday, June 19, 2015

Adventure DC: DC Duck Tour

One of the goals of my blog was to talk more about the DC/Virginia area. I love to adventure and play tourist, especially in my own city.

After about a year of talking about doing a duck tour, Teddy and I finally bit the bullet bought tickets for one a couple of weeks ago through DC Ducks. What is a duck tour? I’m glad you asked. A duck tour is one that is on land and on water – the vehicle you are in can drive into the water, it is both a car and a boat. Pretty cool.
photo from DC Ducks
Tickets are available online and in person. If you buy them online, they are few dollars cheaper. If purchased online, adult tickets will run you $35.10 and children $26.10. Tours are approximately 90 minutes long and you meet up outside of Union Station.
Our tour guide was a former social studies teacher, it made the tour more enjoyable that he was passionate about what he showing us. Even being a resident of DC, I picked up a few new facts and I only zoned out a few times (although with the facts that I remember - see below…I guess I zoned out a lot). The zoning out was due to me – not the guide. 

-Union Station was built using the style of Grecian/Roman bath houses. When Union Station was built, it was the largest train station at the time.
-The statue outside of Union Station is from the Knights of Columbus in dedication to Christopher Columbus. There is lots of symbolism within the statue – but the only thing I remember/jotted down was that the lions represent Columbus’ courage.
-Constitution Ave used to be a working canal

A couple of fun notes about the tour.
-He also played music at random parts of the tour – including the Gilligan Island theme song while we were on the water which gave me a good chuckle.
-While on the water, he let people "drive" the boat. Makes for a great photo opportunity or a fun memory for a child. 
-You get a duck whistle - which makes duck noises. 
I’m not sure how much other tours cost in DC, this one is a little pricey – coming in at almost $40. If you are from out of town, then I would 100% say the tour is worth it. If you are a local, have the money and want to see the city a different way then I would recommend it. Our specific tour was a mixture of tourists and locals.  
Food options near by: Union Station is full of places to grab a quick bite. Teddy and I decided to walk down H Street and pick something random. We settled on Chupacabra Latin Kitchen and Taqueria which is about a mile away. However, if you choose to walk down H Street, there are plenty of other places closer.  

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