Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Old Town Alexandria: Lunch at the Majestic Restaurant

I work in Old Town Alexandria and am always on the lookout for a good lunch deal for when I forget (am too lazy to pack) my lunch. Instead of sticking to my usual (Nando's and Bittersweet), I decided to check out and see if the Majestic has a lunch special and they do...if you sit at the bar. They offer three options of different combos for $12 (check the photo below). 

*Update 6/24/15 - they no longer do the $12 lunch special...sad face - however I tried the steak tacos...OMG - order them (fish ones were just ok)*

Carrie and I both went with the Ceaser Salad & Pot Roast Sliders - combo #3. The salad was good, better then your average ceaser. I rarely eat croutons but made an exception for these, they tasted like real bread made into croutons as opposed to the kind you get out of a box. The pot-roast sandwich pickled onion| washington tavern porter sauce | fresh horseradish cream was the star of the show. The potroast was moist, flavorful and not too fatty. I chose to leave the horseradish cream off my sandwich and everything still worked out extremely well with each other. The only thing about this meal that lacked were the pommes frites - they were not fried enough, but I didn't need to be eating all that you see below so I wasn't too bummed about it. 
The bartender was attentive without being overwhelming and the food was quick and delicious. We were in and out in about 40 minutes which is perfect if you only have an hour for lunch. I asked about the veggie sandwich, and the bartender says he normally turns up his nose at veggie sandwiches, but the combo of roasted veggies and the aioli gets him. 

Would I come back? Yes, now that I know their food is good, I will venture off their special lunch menu to their normal menu - Duck Confit Salad anyone?

Has anyone tried any of their dishes? Let me know - I want to try half their menu!! 

911 King Street
Alexandria, VA
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