Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Old Town Alexandria: Caphe Banh Mi

While the weather is still flip-flopping, Carrie and I thought it would be good to enjoy a bowl of pho before the weather gets too warm (fingers crossed it's soon). There are two  Vietnamese/pho restaurants in Old Town Alexandria, one at each end. Our destination - Caphe Banh Mi, is towards the waterfront, while Pho 33 is in the John Carylye area, past the Kings Street metro. 

The inside of Caphe Banh Mi is a very tight, yet quaint fit. Even at 1:30 the place was pretty packed so be prepared to wait some. 

I ordered the House Pho - which is a beef broth pho, while Carrie ordered the Chicken Pho. Hands down the chicken pho/broth was the winner. It was so much more flavorful and comforting then the beef. The chicken was white meat and looked pretty tasty, while the beef was pretty bland and unflavorful. However, when I get pho, I'm in it for the noodles and just added a ridiculous amount or srirachi and lime to make it taste good. 

In addition to pho, we ordered an assortment of drinks. First up was the Lotus Tea (unsweetened), refreshing and a great balance to the hot pho. Next we tried both the Hot and Iced Coffee that is made with sweetened condensed milk. Carrie, the coffee expert, declared their coffee pretty darn tasty, and I found that I like coffee when it is mixed with sweetened condensed milk.   
Service was fine, what to be expected at your typical hole in the wall pho restaurant. Avoid the House Pho unless bland food is your thing, and stick to the Chicken Pho + whatever meats you like. 

Would I come back? Yes, Carrie and I both want to try their Banh Mi and a couple of other things - I think next time we will get an order to go and enjoy it on the waterfront with an iced coffee! 

407 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA
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