Thursday, March 26, 2015

Clarendon: Citizen Burger Bar

After a long day of walking around DC (and the National Geographic Musuem - so cool!), Teddy and I called up his friend Sam and headed to one of Clarendon's new restaurants, Citizen Burger Bar. After eating lunch at Native Foods (review here) we decided to do the complete opposite for dinner and be total carnivores. 

When we got there around 6pm on a Sunday it wasn't too crowded, but by the time we left it was packed. Be wary, on a Saturday night they had an hour and a half wait and they do not take reservations. 

We all started off with drinks, because that's what you do on a lazy Sunday. I ordered the as American as house bourbon| maple syrup| baked apple bitters $9. This was a very bourbon heavy drink and the maple and baked apple bitters were not as present in the flavor as they were in the nose. If you like mostly bourbon drinks with delicious smells coming from it then this could be the drink for you, however I preferred Sam's cocktail. He ordered the Citrus & Sage rye whiskey| fresh grapefruit & lemon | agave nectar |sage, which was light and refreshing. 

Sam ordered the Beet Salad and Teddy ordered the Steakhouse Burger, both of which enjoyed their meals. I ordered the Citizen's Burger Timbercreek beef | McClure swiss | black onion | garlic aioli | iceberg, tomato | house brioche | fried pickle $13. I thought that the whole burger was delicious, the burger really stood out on it's own, very flavorful.  
If you want a good burger that can hold up on it's own even with all the toppings placed on it, this is your place. The portions were very hefty - I could barely finish my burger, let alone my fries. Luckily Teddy was along and he so graciously finished up my extra food so I wasn't wasteful. 

Would I come back? Yes, their burgers were delicious! 

1051 North Highland St
Arlington, VA
Closest Metro: Clarendon
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