Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Great Falls: Dante Ristorante's 25th Anniversary!

A few weeks ago I was invited to Dante Ristorante in Great Falls, Virginia (right down the road from Tysons Corner) to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Dante's is a fine (and classic) Italian restaurant located in the most adorable Victorian House you have ever seen. 

My favorite appetizer of the night was the fresh burrata cheese. While the following were not my personal favorites (not a fan of fish), if you enjoy calamari, bacon wrapped sea scallops or beet salad – those were the favorites of the night.

Sometimes pasta just sings to you, and that’s exactly what this veal ravioli in a tomato cream sauce (top). Packed full of veal with a little bit of cheese mixed, made this hearty and just perfect. We were given a small selection of 4 varieties but this was the able favorite.
 We had all just met each other but all shared a similar love of food making for the perfect dinner sharing bites of each other’s entrees. I personally ordered the Lamb Chops (which were very good) but the true star of the meal was the Osso Bucco. I must have been seriously missing out on life as I have never had this dish before. The meat was fork tender and the red wine sauce and polenta was spot on to accentuate the flavor of the meat. Another favorite (super surprisingly for me) was the Sea Bass, which is a delicate and flavorful but not “fishy” fish. Grilled and served with a lemon wedge, it was perfectly executed and just enough. A couple of other people enjoyed the Linguine Con Aragosta (lobster & crab) which was a HUGE portion - good for the hungry. 
The same comradery happened over dessert – everyone sampling each other’s picks. While the tiramisu was not my favorite, the Panna Cotta and Lemoncello Tartufo (shown below) were some of the best desserts that I have had in a long time (and neither had chocolate in them!). They were both extremely light, refreshing and satisfying. 
I was really impressed with this meal. This is the place to go on a fancy date night or a special occasion as it is a little pricey. They have a lot of separate rooms so this would also make for a great place for bigger parties for a rehearsal dinner, 50th birthday, etc. 

Would I come back? Yes, for a special occasion or if I receive a significant pay raise :)

1148 Walker Road
Great Falls, VA
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