Monday, January 12, 2015

Barracks Row: Brunch at Medium Rare

Medium Rare, with two locations (Barracks Row and Cleveland Park) boasts what you would think is one of the best brunch deals around. For only $23 you can get bottomless mimosas, bloodys, screwdrivers, coffee, and OJ as well as an appetizer and entree
Rustic, warm and crusty bread is brought out to all the tables. Yum. You can't go wrong with that. Ever.
The first course was the most well executed part of the meal. There is a choice between fruit salad, parfaits or the mixed greens. The table ended up getting a parfait and the mixed greens salads - both delicious. Fresh and perfectly dressed salad with the perfect hint of dijon in the dressing. 
This is where our meal starts to fall apart. While the sauce on the steaks was delicious and it was cooked to requested temperature there were so many things wrong with the rest of the course. Both the steak and frites were brought out lukewarm - very close to room temperature. I don't know about you but I like my food hot, and to know it hasn't been sitting out for awhile. The two members of our group that ordered "Medium Rare's Famous Benedict" were not happy with it at all, and thought that the combo of meat and gravy was not good. There were a couple of other logistical errors as well to our meal which included a member of our party getting a new (and wrong dish). 
Our server was attentive but unfortunately not enough to make up for our experience of the poor entrees. With an error of the dish of one of my companions (hair - yuck, but it happens), I thought that they should have comped or discounted his meal, especially since he didn't even partake in the mimosas. I tweeted about the issue and a manager came to the table and gave us dessert on the house which was nice. 

With all the good things I have heard about this place, it was very disappointing...however don't let that discourage you, give it a try for yourself. 

Would I come back? Probably not, after this experience I am over it. So many other places to try. 

515 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Metro: Eastern Market
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