Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tysons Corner: Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is a restaurant that boasts a menu of each item being 475 calories or less, changing seasonally to bring the freshest ingredients to your table. Located on the bottom level at Tysons Corner Center, this is a great alternative to all those fast food options. This was my second visit and I was able to go outside of my box to try a few new items. 

I've had the chance to try two of their flat breads - one seasonal, the Braised Short Rib and Cheddar $10.95 pickled beet/red onion confetti/horseradish sour cream/micro cilantro (photo shown below) and one that is year round, the Roasted Roma Tomato $8.75 mozzarella/Parmesan/basil. Both were extremely delicious and the perfect light appetizer that packs a good flavor punch but doesn't stuff you before your entree. It's important to note that these are not really flat breads, they are more of a think cracker-like texture. 
Both visits I ordered the Crisp Romaine and Baby Kale Cesar Salad $7.95. This is a great salad if you are hesitant about kale as baby kale is not quite as intense and bitter as adult/fully matured(?) kale. The dressing is delicious - the way a Cesar dressing should taste and the salad is appropriately dressed (not drenched). Teddy ordered the Warm Harvest Mushrooms and Arugula Salad $8.25 with a truffle dressing. He really liked this and I enjoyed the truffle dressing and overall woodsyness of the salad. Sam ordered the seasonally chili and really liked it. (all photos above)
For my entree I ordered the Red Mole Braised Beef Tacos $9.75 jalapeño-lime slaw/
guacamole/pickled red onion. The beef was seasoned and cooked really well and the jalapeño slaw was not very spicy. Teddy ordered the Signature Burger $9.75 which came with a side of bread and butter pickles - he enjoyed his meal. Sam ordered the Crispy “Banh Mi” $10.50 chili-glazed Maple Leaf Farms duck/vegetable-pear confetti/cilantro/mint. While he enjoyed it, he wished there was a little more duck and the gingery taste was not his favorite. However, we traded a taco for a part of the sandwich sandwich and I really enjoyed it. 

I have also tried their sushi (California roll I believe) and some random veggie sides, both delicious. 

Service has always been on point and they let you try a a sip of the wine before committing to a glass. That paired with delicious/mostly good for you food will keep me coming back. I was stuffed after my meal, and I definitely didn't need part of an app, a salad AND tacos.

Would I come back? Yes, I really like Seasons 52, dare I say more then True Food Kitchen

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