Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Barracks Row: Bottomless Brunch at Ambar

Well I am back on the bottomless brunch train, with 2 brunches the past two weekends and a couple more planned for the next two months. After the disappointment two weeks ago at Medium Rare (review coming soon) Ambar was a breath of fresh air. 

Ambar is part of the Richard Sandoval restaurant group featuring Southeastern European (Balkan) cuisine. I've been here for restaurant week and happy hour and was very pleased with both experiences so I thought it was finally time to take the plunge for brunch. 

Brunch at Ambar consists of bottomless plates and cocktails (oj mimosa, peach mimosa, bloody mary). Not being a bloody fan I can't vouch for that - but the oj mimosa was our favorite. 

We tried A LOT of small plates but I am only going to highlight my favorites.
1.Steak and Eggs (sirloin with chimichurri and potatoes) the steak was cooked just like I requested (medium rare) - and not chewy at all - chimichurri paired wonderfully and helped make the dish not as heavy. 
2.Balkan Scrambled Eggs (red and yellow peppers, onions, cheese) seasoned to perfection and texture of the eggs was on point - not too dry, not too moist.
3.Eggs Benedict (english muffin, ajvar, prosciutto, kajmak sauce) the eggs were perfectly poached. I will admit I was not a fan of the red pepper sauce that came on it but that is just a personal taste.  
4. Cinnamon Sweet Sourdough with Nutella - this was probably one of our favorites, fried dough in cinnamon sugar with nutella to dip, need I say more?
5. Strawberry Waffle with Nutella and Whipped Cream - the waffle was wonderful, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside - then you add nutella and strawberries - more perfection
6. Roasted Mushroom Crepe (red pepper emulsion / bechamel / gouda) - admittedly I didn't like this, but the other two girls said if you liked mushrooms then this is a good dish. 
7. Cheese Pie (cucumber yogurt / ajvar emulsion) - another dish that was a favorite of the girls, they loved the crispy pastry with the cheese. 
It's important to note that the Balkan Salad (tomatoes, peppers, onions, cheese) was a delicious, nice fresh addition to brunch. The service was great, most of the food items we got were very good and the drinks were flowing. For a couple of dishes we requested them to come without the potatoes (or eggs from the steak and eggs dish) because we were getting full and didn't want to waste food - they were very accommodating. Bottomless Brunch at it's best. 

Would I come back? Yes, I was very impressed with the food and service. I've been here on three separate occasions and never had any complaints. 

523 8th Street SE
Washington DC
Barracks Row - closest metro: Eastern Markey
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