Monday, December 15, 2014

Arlington: Dama Pastry and Restaurant

Last month for Daring Diners we decided to check out Dama Pastry and Restaurant, an Ethiopian restaurant in Arlington – right down the road from the Air Force Memorial. 

While I have had Ethiopian a few times, I thought it would be a very big cultural leap for a few of my friends to try out. We chose this restaurant because they had a bakery attached to it – best decision EVER (and I will devote a separate post to it).

One of things that I personally think is the biggest hurdle/difference in Ethiopian food is the way it is served. Often food is served on a big spongy/sourdoughy like tortilla called injera. This is probably what keeps me away from Ethiopian food as I am not a huge fan of the tortilla. Served on injera, injera is also the “utensil” you use to eat the food.
We started off with a ginger tea – which was just hot water infused with ginger and a tea packet. Who knew water and ginger would taste so good together – will be using this technique at home.
3/5 of us ordered the veggie platter which came with 5 different vegetable dishes. One of the girls ordered Doro Watt, which was very unique - it came with a chili like sauce, two drumsticks and two boiled eggs. Although we really were not sure what the chili like substance was - it was quite tasty. The other ordered Awaze Tibs - cubed beef in spices - flavored well and very plentiful - she had leftovers for the next day.
If you like Ethiopian food then you will like this place. If you are looking to try something way outside of your box, this is definitely the cuisine to try. 

Would I come back? I am still not a huge fan of Ethiopian food. That being said, the bakery portion of this visit – I will definitely be back in the very near future, a piece of delicious cake for UNDER $5…yes please! 

1503 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA
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