Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Restaurant Revisit: Brunch at Ovvio Osteria

2727G Merrilee Drive
Merrifield, VA

My friends love a good brunch as much as I do. After writing about a recent brunch at Ovvio Osteria and their dollar mimosas my friend Nadia suggested that we spend an afternoon enjoying their mimosas. Since my original visit I have been back two times (dollar mimosas outside of DC is VERY appealing to people). Plus it's very metro accessible so if you live anywhere near a metro - you should check this place out with their mimosa deal! 

One visit a few friends and I decided to split the Sour Dough Pancakes $14 as an appetizer. Best decision ever made. These pancakes were fluffy and lemony and just perfect. The blueberry compote and ricotta infused with honey was the perfect topping. I could eat these all day every day and still think about them every once and awhile. A word of advice, these are super filling and heavy. Be prepared to be stuffed. 
Because I have been here a few times, I/my friends have gotten a chance to try a lot of the menu. Nadia ended up getting a sausage panini which she said was delicious (their sausage is delicious here). She appreciated the greens on the side. Another tried the Carne Frittata $16. I have tried the veggie and the carne frittata and they are both are a little bland for my taste. Even with the addition of the meat, the eggs still needed more flavor.  Up next is the Pancetta Pizza $16 white pizza with pancetta, ricotta, egg and arugula. I prefer my pizzas with sauce so I got some on the side, but this was delicious on its own. They have the crust and quality toppings down. Not shown, but ordered was the Ovvio Breakfast $18 2 eggs any style, potato cake, toast and sausage or bacon. My friend said the eggs were cooked well and everything looked good, but this dish is a bit on the pricey side for what it is -$18 for 2 eggs, a little potato and some meat - expensive compared to the quantity of the other menu offerings. 
For one of my visits I decided to retry the Parmesan Biscuits $14. They have switched this dish up a little since I originally had it. Last time I only got one biscuit with an egg and gravy - this time they gave me two. As I commented last time they still need to work on poaching their eggs and adding a little more sausage gravy. My only other suggestion would be adding something fresh on the side, like mixed greens or fruit or something along those lines to take away from the heaviness of the dish. 
Service is still really lacking here. The servers don't have attitude but they are pretty much non existent. The second time back it was a pain trying to get refills on our mimosas. I've noticed that servers seem to hang out in the kitchen a lot - not sure if they have something they need to be doing in there or it's just where they wait? The third time back it seemed our server was in a rush to get us our check on an almost empty restaurant - perhaps it was the end of his shift? Both times the server never asked us if we preferred bacon or sausage with our meals (for those that came with it) or a biscuit or toast - something else that needs to be worked on. 

Would I come back? Yes, it's a good alternative to going into DC and with it being so close to my house it really is a good option. Plus those pancakes. Service needs to be seriously worked on as I have gone here 3 times in the past month (wow - being less then 10 minutes from me is very appealing) and I have had similar experiences each time. 

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