Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Falls Church: Taco Bamba

Being an avid taco lover I was thrilled to stumble upon Taco Bamba on one of my many google searches for food. Taco Bamba is owned by Chef Victor Albisu, owner of the well known Del Campo in DC (just looked at the menu, wow - need to go asap...their brunch is swoon worthy). Taco Bamba is Albisu's take on Mexican street food, and according to one of my Californian friends, he definitely hit the spot.
Not only does Taco Bamba offer tacos, but also a selection of sides, sopas, tortas and other miscellaneous items. I went with a big group of people - about 10. It's important to note that there are no tables, just a bar along the wall and some chairs outside. This is not the place to catch up with friends - this is a place to eat delicious tacos. 
We all got a random assortment of tacos. Tacos are either $3 or $4 a piece, half being specialty tacos with toppings for a $1 more. I got two $3 tacos : barbacoa and carnitas and a $4 taco: Taco Bamba Skirt Steak, Chorizo, Grilled Guacamole, Chicharrones. I also got a side of grilled guacamole and chips. Definitely better then Chipotle's (gasp).
The favorites of the night were varied, but the chicken, taco bamba, tongue, goat, mushroom and barbacoa were all talked about. Basically if there is a meat you like, you will most likely enjoy the taco. I recommend playing it safe for 2 out of 3 tacos and then getting something different for your third. I did not do that, but I did try one of my friends goat tacos and mushroom tacos. I could not be convinced to try the tongue but the 4 people who were daring enough to all said it was really good.  
They offer three different salsas, the verde was my favorite!
Now, I really liked these tacos, however the "gringa" in me should have gotten her act together and ordered the tacos on flour tortillas instead of the usual corn (totally possible, I asked after my meal) and the tacos would have made it from like to LOVE. Guess I have to go back again, darn. 

Would I come back? YES

2190 Pimmit Drive
Falls Church, VA
-it's behind the Whole Foods shopping center
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