Monday, August 18, 2014

Washington DC: &Pizza

Assembly line restaurants are popping up everywhere. I was recently invited to try Brookland Pint (post coming soon) in what I like to consider an up and coming area - Brookland and wanted a more substantial meal afterwards (they only served apps, but it turns out my eyes are bigger then my stomach and I had plenty of food to keep me satisfied)

Anyways, right around the block from where I was was &Pizza. Being a sucker for anything pizza related I dragged along my friend so we could get some pizza to go. 

To start off, you pick your base: whole wheat, multigrain or white. You can either pick one of their signature pizzas or create your own. I decided to go with a signature pizza as there were far too many choices for create your own, giving me anxiety if I had to choose. 

I went with Kiss and Fire Spicy Tomato, Quattro Formaggi Blend, Ricotta Spread, Meatballs, Local Mushroom Blend, Strawberry BalsamicI had it without the mushrooms or strawberry balsamic, instead adding on a garlic sauce and some jalapenos. My friend chose to make her own creation with a variety of ingredients. 
I was impressed with the pizza although I ended up being to full to eat it and gave it away to a friend. For what it is and how quickly you get it, it's pretty darn good. I would pick it over any of the chain pizzas. There are a ton of ingredients to pick from - something for everyone. They move just as quickly as a Chipotle and the employees were all really nice. 
Would I come back? Yes, I would - the combos are endless and the convenience is awesome. 

664-666 Monroe St NE
Washington, DC
Closest Metro: Brookland-Cua Metro
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