Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Restaurant Revisit: Zaytinya

One of my old friends from a study abroad program in London awhile back (some fun posts here, here and here) is in town for an internship. As a fellow foodie, I knew I had to figure out an impressionable restaurant to meet at and decided upon Zaytinya.

The setup is shared plates, so if you go, expect to order quite a few to share for your table. I think four is enough for two people. It really depends on your hunger level. On certain days I could have gone with more plates but for this night it was enough. 

We started off our meal with some drinks, red wine for her and a Pom Fili for me (white wine, vodka, pomegranate) – I get this every time I go and I love it. 

Once seated every table receives pita and olive oil mixed with a pomegranate molasses – delicious.

Now on to the good stuff. Amy is a vegetarian so we stuck to that side of the menu which I was more than ok with. Veggies from Zaytinya are ALMOST enough to turn me vegetarian.  

Dolmades (grape leaves) – Perfect, not too briny. Definitely a favorite here. 
Bantijan Bil Laban (crispy fried eggplant) – My favorite dish here. I get it every time I come here.
Crispy Brussels Afelia – A dish that came highly recommended by our server and a few of Amy’s friends. They were delicious. I loved the crispy outer layer and the addition of the barberries.
Spanakopita – A classic dish with a twist. Instead of the normal triangles, it comes in a different shape. Basic, but good. 
Even though the restaurant was crazy packed service was on point. Our waiter was very animated and very knowledgable without being pushy or annoying. As always, the food is great - I highly recommend this place but I would make a reservation, I've never seen it slow. 

Would I come back? Yes! This is my 3rd/4th time back, I still love it! 

Past Visits: 
August 2011
April 2013

701 9th Street NW
Washington, DC
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