Monday, June 2, 2014

Old Town Alexandria: Sweet Fire Donna's

I have been super slacking on my blog posts the past couple of months…who would have thought when I got a new job I would actually have to work all day instead of being able to blog (crazy I know…actually having to work at work). Recently a new follower with nice things to say and lots of friends asking me what's up with my blog have given me motivation to get going again. 

I thought I would kick off this week with a theme of where to eat lunch in Old Town Alexandria - the area where I work. 

I'm always on a mission to try new things in the area because there are a million choices and I always seem to stick to my usuals (Whole Foods, Nando's or the Butcher Block).  Yelp is often a place I randomly scroll through when I am bored and I stumbled upon a new restaurant to the area, Sweet Fire Donna's and, hello..BBQ and great reviews - lunch decision made for the day. This place isn't on the main street/main area of Old Town, but it's pretty close. 
They have a couple of different meat choices - I usually get the pulled pork but I have also had the brisket which is a favorite of many of my coworkers. 
They offer 4 different barbecue sauces. All of them were good except for the Honey Chipotle which I thought was way to sweet - my favorite is the Caroline Treet Mustard. 
If you order a platter, it automatically comes with Cornbread which is amazing-it was moist and super delicious, turning me from a corn bread hater to a lover. My favorite sides are the Bourbon Pepperjack Creamed Corn (does anyone else think of The Adventures of Pete and Pete when they think of creamed corn?), the Fiery Macaroni and Cheese and the Coleslaw (it wasn't super mayoey and they threw in a few other veggies which was a nice twist). I have also tried the Collared Greens, the Baked Beans and the Potato Salad (the only thing I don't like - it's kinda of boring and bland).
They also have a happy hour. 
The line moves quickly making it a perfect place to get lunch during the week. The barbecue is very good for the NOVA area and they have some standout sides ( the cornbread and creamed corn). I highly recommend this place for lunch or a quick dinner. 

Would I come back? Yes, in fact after I discovered this place I had several lunch dates in the following weeks and we even decided to cater from here for a work function. 

510 John Carlyle Street
Alexandria, VA
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