Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Old Town Alexandria: Nando's Peri Peri

Nando's is one of my favorite places to eat lunch. I am obsessed with their peri peri sauce (which you can buy at the restaurant…and now grocery stores!). I have a couple of coworkers who also love this place and always request that I bring them back some when I venture to the other end of Old Town (King and Washington Street~10-15 walk from my office)

I have tried a lot of things from Nando's, but my favorite is the Chicken Breast Wrap (minus the sweet chili jam - I'm not a fan of sweetness it adds). The tangy yogurt with the hot sauce of the chicken, crunchy lettuce and the wrap make this a perfect lunch dish. They have a Butterflied Chicken Breast - good for those like me who don't like bones in their meat as well as bone in wings/breasts/legs. My friend has tried lot's of their sandwiches/wraps trying to find "the one" and she has settled upon their Chicken Breast Sandwich (not shown below). Bottom line - their sauce is delicious, you just need to find the best way you like to get it into your belly. 

As far as sides go, their french fries rock - when I'm feeling healthier I usually will just go for a mixed greens salad. I've had their garlic bread, and coleslaw, both ok options. 
While I love Nando's, if you happen to come across this place and it looks really busy, pick somewhere else. They do not handle large lunch rushes well at all, I have found out the hard way several times. The plates are sloppy, the waits are ridiculously long and the fries have often been undercooked. That being said…if it's a normal crowd, everything is good to go.

What's great is they have a frequent buyer/eaters card. Ask for one at the counter and they offer lot's of free/tasty things - definitely one of the best "frequent" cards I have come across.  

Would I come back? YES, My name is April and I'm an addict…to Nando's. 

702 King Street
Alexandria, VA
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