Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arlington: Pedro and Vinny's

I feel like to often I get caught up in visiting trendy restaurants. Don't get me wrong, they can be great but sometimes it's nice to try the little guy, the hole in the wall, or in this case....the trailer in the parking lot. 
Pedro and Vinny's is a burrito place that some of my friends actually discovered stumbling home late at night. They proceeded to make it a daytime happening and I have been having to hear about this miraculous burrito place for awhile now. I have actually tried this place twice...once when I went with a drunk friend who had the munchies. I tried a few bites and I knew that I would have to have it for an actual meal very soon.  
When you walk in there is a menu above the counter with your options/the process. 
Basically you pick your tortilla flavor...flour, habenero , spinach, etc (or you can pick a bowl...but its a burrito restaurant so don't be that person...go big or go home). Then if you want cheese they will put some on the tortilla and warm it up. Then you choose your protein (chicken, steak or pork), they are all great. Next comes toppings, I like to get everything except for the beans. They have some sort of cucumber topping that may seem a little different from your typical toppings but trust me, it makes a great addition.

They have four salsas you can choose from and an assortment of hot sauce bottles. 

The red one was a steak burrito and the white was pork. Both amazing. My personal favorite is the burrito (any of the meats) fully loaded minus the beans with the two hot salsas (right two). These are huge, I could only manage to eat half of it.
Both times I have been the people behind the counter have been extremely friendly. Until now I have yet to find a burrito I really like from anywhere except Chipotle (which I know is not authentic but I still love it) but Pedro and Vinny's have managed win me over. 

In the mood for a burrito, sober...drunk, stop by-they are open late on Friday & Saturdays!

2599 Columbia Pike

Arlington, VA

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  1. LOL.. sober..drunk! You crack me up. :) Looks like a fun place. :)