Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arlington: Chasin' Tails: Cajun Seafood and Bar

The other weekend some friends and I headed to Chasin' Tails: Cajun Seafood and Bar in Arlington. I'm not one who would normally jump at the chance to go to a restaurant like this (seafood, particularly things that have shells) but I had heard the rumour that alligator tastes like chicken so I figured I would be brave and try something new-they do however have a few seafoodless options.

I ordered a "fish bowl drink" mainly because it was served in a fish bowl.  This was described to me as a pink starburst and the description was pretty accurate. Delicious but a drink I could only have one of. The boys got the ginormous beers (like the ones they serve at Hunan) which luckily for them were on happy hour (they have happy hours on saturdays, but I don't remember the times).
For an appetizer we all split an order of fries. Good, basic fries.
I decided to go outside of my box and order gator bites...yes I ordered fried alligator as my meal. It was very similar to chicken so I could handle it texturally but I will continue to stick with cows and chickens.
The others ordered shrimp and clams which they bring to you in bags soaked in the sauce (also comes with bibs to protect your clothing!). They all thought everything was cooked really well and the sauce was delicious...basically butter and seasoning.
Everyone really enjoyed their meals and said that the seafood was really well done. The service was fantastic. My friend asked how you go about eating a crayfish to our server and she had someone come out and show us how to break it apart and let us try it before we made a decision on what to order. Prices were pretty good for the seafood.

2200 North Westmoreland Street
Arlington, VA
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