Monday, September 30, 2013

Restaurant Revisit: Pupatella

Pupatella is one of my favorite restaurants in the DC area and I have gotten a couple of my friends addicted to it too. I usually go with my friend Teddy and we always get the exact same pizzas and trade a slice for variety. This time, at the very last minute, Teddy decided to switch his order up and got one of the specials of the month-White Pizza with sweet corn, Italian ham and fresh mozzarella (middle). Wow, this was amazing, I would consider getting this next time instead of my usual, Prosciutto and Arugula (right). My friend Kristen joined us and ordered the Meatball Pizza (left) which she was a fan of. 
Next time you are in the mood for pizza hit up Pupatella, you won't regret it (past reviews 1, 2).

5104 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
closed on Mondays

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alexandria: Cheesetique

Last Monday I had a particularly bad case of the Mondays-it was cold out and my body was not responding well to the temperature change. Luckily I have such great friends and one of them had a long lunch break so she scooped me up from work and we headed to Cheesetique in Delray (also one in Shirlington).
You can't go to a wine bar without ordering it was in the middle of the work day we capped ourselves off at one glass. Both good wines.
Carrie ordered the 'Tique Cheesesteak sautéed flank steak, creamy italian taggelio and punchy garlic aioli on crusty ciabatta. The steak was flavored really well but some pieces were not so great texturally but the cheese and garlic aioli more then made up for any imperfections the steak may have had.
I decided on the lunch special...$10 for any grilled cheese and tomato soup. The tomato soup was creamy and delicious. For the grill cheese I went with Taleggio & Onion Confit blend of taleggio and fontina smothered with house-made onion confit. A cheesy, delicious combo. If you like caramelized onions or any sort of onions really this is an amazing sandwich to get.
With the check they bring you out chocolate chips, a nice little touch to end the meal. 
They have happy hour during the week, definitely be making a return visit sometime soon!
This was the perfect meal to heal a case of the mondays, not much is more comforting then grilled cheese and soup. The food was very good and the server was knowledgeable-both things we picked he listed as his favorites on the menu. Portions were very hearty, I was full after my sandwich and ended up taking my soup to go. Not only are they a delicious restaurant, they are also a wine and cheese shop with an awesome cheese selection and gourmet goods. 

2441 Mount Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arlington: Chasin' Tails: Cajun Seafood and Bar

The other weekend some friends and I headed to Chasin' Tails: Cajun Seafood and Bar in Arlington. I'm not one who would normally jump at the chance to go to a restaurant like this (seafood, particularly things that have shells) but I had heard the rumour that alligator tastes like chicken so I figured I would be brave and try something new-they do however have a few seafoodless options.

I ordered a "fish bowl drink" mainly because it was served in a fish bowl.  This was described to me as a pink starburst and the description was pretty accurate. Delicious but a drink I could only have one of. The boys got the ginormous beers (like the ones they serve at Hunan) which luckily for them were on happy hour (they have happy hours on saturdays, but I don't remember the times).
For an appetizer we all split an order of fries. Good, basic fries.
I decided to go outside of my box and order gator bites...yes I ordered fried alligator as my meal. It was very similar to chicken so I could handle it texturally but I will continue to stick with cows and chickens.
The others ordered shrimp and clams which they bring to you in bags soaked in the sauce (also comes with bibs to protect your clothing!). They all thought everything was cooked really well and the sauce was delicious...basically butter and seasoning.
Everyone really enjoyed their meals and said that the seafood was really well done. The service was fantastic. My friend asked how you go about eating a crayfish to our server and she had someone come out and show us how to break it apart and let us try it before we made a decision on what to order. Prices were pretty good for the seafood.

2200 North Westmoreland Street
Arlington, VA
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arlington: Pedro and Vinny's

I feel like to often I get caught up in visiting trendy restaurants. Don't get me wrong, they can be great but sometimes it's nice to try the little guy, the hole in the wall, or in this case....the trailer in the parking lot. 
Pedro and Vinny's is a burrito place that some of my friends actually discovered stumbling home late at night. They proceeded to make it a daytime happening and I have been having to hear about this miraculous burrito place for awhile now. I have actually tried this place twice...once when I went with a drunk friend who had the munchies. I tried a few bites and I knew that I would have to have it for an actual meal very soon.  
When you walk in there is a menu above the counter with your options/the process. 
Basically you pick your tortilla flavor...flour, habenero , spinach, etc (or you can pick a bowl...but its a burrito restaurant so don't be that person...go big or go home). Then if you want cheese they will put some on the tortilla and warm it up. Then you choose your protein (chicken, steak or pork), they are all great. Next comes toppings, I like to get everything except for the beans. They have some sort of cucumber topping that may seem a little different from your typical toppings but trust me, it makes a great addition.

They have four salsas you can choose from and an assortment of hot sauce bottles. 

The red one was a steak burrito and the white was pork. Both amazing. My personal favorite is the burrito (any of the meats) fully loaded minus the beans with the two hot salsas (right two). These are huge, I could only manage to eat half of it.
Both times I have been the people behind the counter have been extremely friendly. Until now I have yet to find a burrito I really like from anywhere except Chipotle (which I know is not authentic but I still love it) but Pedro and Vinny's have managed win me over. 

In the mood for a burrito, sober...drunk, stop by-they are open late on Friday & Saturdays!

2599 Columbia Pike

Arlington, VA

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Falls Church: Mad Fox Brewery

To celebrate my last day at my old job some of my friends and I went out to dinner at Mad Fox Brewery. To start off the meal I tried one of their beers which was delicious. 
We split two appetizers, a soft pretzel with a beer cheese dip and fried pickles. Both awesome. 
Megan and I each ordered a side salad and decided to split a small pizza. The side salad was good, fresh, local produce. This pizza was ok, I was not a huge fan and didn't eat it-Megan thought it was ok. 
Jess ordered the black bean burger which she really enjoyed. I don't eat black bean burgers (I don't like beans...and I like meat) but I always try them when my friends get them and this was probably one of the best versions that I have had. 
This visit was a lot better then the last time I was here. Service was fantastic, we had the sweetest waitress ever, she was super knowledgeable about everything-I told her what I liked and didn't like in a beer and she picked the perfect one for me. I wasn't a fan of the pizza but everything else was great. If you like burgers I recommend the Mad Fox Burger, amazing.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Clarendon: Fat Shorty's

*now shut down*

Fat Shorty's is a semi-new establishment replacing Rabbit in Clarendon. They have a whole bunch of different sausages to try.
We got a sausage platter with a lamb sausage and a rattle snake, rabbit and jalepeno sausage. It comes with 2 sides so we chose the German Potato Salad and the Mixed Greens, both solid, delicious sides. We also tried the Thai Chicken Sausage. The winner of these sausages was the lamb sausage, the flavors were original and quite tasty. The rattlesnake sausage, while good, just tasted like sausage-I had no idea I was eating anything different. The Thai chicken sausage was also good, very original, I wouldnt get this unless you like thai flavors.
A small side of French Fries $3. These were kind of a let down, not crispy and sort of hard inside.
If you like sausage this is a really fun place to go. There are about a million different sausages to choose from, enough to keep things interesting.  
3035 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Arlington: Twisted Vines

To continue on with the celebration of a fabulous weekend the girls and I decided to go to Twisted Vines for their bottomless mimosa brunch. It's $5 for a single mimosa or $9 for bottomless (the max is 9) so you mind as well just go for bottomless. The mimosas were ok, a little too strong on the OJ, not enough to get a nice buzz. 
Two of us ordered the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado sandwich tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon, gruyere cheese with basil mayo on multigrain bread $11. Delicious and flavorful sandwich, more of a lunch item then brunch but all of the flavors were wonderful.
Croque Monsieur gruyère and fontina, baked ham and a béchamel sauce on sourdough bread $10. Meaty, cheesy goodness that's a little salty but the perfect morning after food.
Twisted Breakfast Burrito tortilla stuffed with eggs, black bean medley, avocado and parmesan topped with cilantro sour cream $11. Delicious, and more breakfasty then the other items on the menu.
The mimosas are weak but the food is fresh, pretty well priced and hits the spot.

2803 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA
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