Sunday, July 28, 2013

Herndon: Zinga Frozen Yogurt

During a sleepover with one of my bfs we decided to finally try Zinga Frozen Yogurt right by her house. 

Off to a good start, tester cups that are not monitored like some places. 
Baller bottom of the cup things. Not my thing but an awesome creative selection. 
Yogurt. Props to an original flavor I haven't seen anywhere else, blue daiquiri- was pretty good.
Fruit/wet toppings.
Dry toppings. Awesome presentation. Much more sanitary.
After you pay you can pick your own spoon color. It's the little things, remember how awesome it was when slurpee came out with different colored straws??? ( or was it just me?)
My creation. Strawberry and Tart + random toppings. 
I loved this place. Out of all the places I've been to recently it's definitely on of my favorites. Good yogurts, good toppings-how awesome we're the dry toppings dispensers? Never seen that before. 
13320 Franklin Farm Road
Herndon, VA
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  1. Fro yo places are my fave! I love coming up with strange topping combos. :)