Monday, July 8, 2013

DC: Zengo Bottomless Brunch

Oh bottomless brunch, I have heard so many great things about you and this past weekend I finally got to experience you in all of your greatness. A few friends and I went to Zengo's bottomless brunch on Sunday (they also do Saturdays too!) and it was a major success.

They not only feature bottomless drinks (obv the most important part) but bottomless food as well...all for only $35. 

One of the great parts of the bottomless drinks here is that they let you choose from 7 different drinks consisting of 4 different mimosas (normal, guava, passion fruit & pomegranate), a sangria and 2 different bloody marys. My personal favorite was the guava mimosa, I may have had more then enough to keep me pretty happy throughout the day. My friend stuck to the saki sangria which I was not a fan of but she really enjoyed. 
The offer 25 small plates you can share and we managed to try about half of them.

1. Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts. These were ok, they were kinda soggy and not that much of a bacon flavor. 2. Give and Take Salad togarashi pecan, orange, cabbage, piloncillo-ginger vinaigrette. This was pretty good and the best way I can describe is it tasted very Asian.  3. Green Papaya Salad peanut, lime, cilantro, carrot, red onion, ginger vinaigrette. This is probably one of the lightest things on the menu and it was a really good break from the heavier things. 4. Fingerling Potatoes and Chorizo. This was probably one of the least favorites, the potatoes were really dry and the chorizo tasted more like normal sausage than actual chorizo. 
1. Achiote-Hoisin Pork Arepas. I personally was not a fan of this; the pork was way to sweet for me, but my friend really liked it. 2.Angus Beef and Pork Meatballs. The meatballs were delicious and could have held up on their own but I did not like the addition of the sweet and sour sauce. 3. Handi Pandan Waffles with a Strawberry-Guava Sauce. A nice, simple dish that is one of the more breakfasty items on the menu. 4. Plantains with Crema Fresca and Chipotle. Another dish we were not a huge fan of, the plantains had honey on them making it way to sweet to eat for our personal tastes. 
These next four things everyone should order, definitely the favorites. 1. Peking Duck Chilaquiles fried egg, pickled onion, guajillo salsa, cotija, cream, corn tortilla. Delicious, all of the flavors went really well together. 2. Thai Chicken Empanadas chile poblana, oaxaca cheese, mango salsa. The sauce on this was particularly tasty.3. Short Rib Hash poached egg, potato, rajas, caramelized onion. The short rib was amazing and everything paired perfectly with each other. 4. Bacon Fried Rice scrambled egg, kimchee, scallion. An super flavorful fried rice, bacon is a wonderful addition.
Edamame and Chips & Salsa. Both good dishes to munch on while waiting for your plates to come out.
Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the food and the service. There were some dishes I was not a huge fan of, but the majority of them were very good. They kept the drinks flowing and the service was amazing, our waitress was friendly and I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

871 7th Street NW
Washington, DC
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Also a special thanks to Ali for putting up with me taking pictures of all of our food :)

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  1. This is my kind of brunch... bottomless! I love the variety of food. :)