Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Restaurant Revisits Mexican Edition: La Sandia & Buenos Grill

La Sandia
Tysons Corner Center
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This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family and at one my favorite restaurants, La Sandia in Tysons Corner. I have a soft spot for guacamole, chips & salsa. Throw in a margarita and it is a perfect moment. 

Mango Mojito, delicious, one of my favorite drinks when I come here.Chips & Salsa, another good combo. Guacamole, made fresh at the table and wonderful. These three things are pretty much all you need when you come here. In fact that's usually what I do when I come here. 
But because this was a birthday dinner...and I had to share the guacamole, and you know...some people don't like guacamole we ordered other things this time around. Queso Fundido topped with Chorizo (top left) melted oaxaca, chihuahua and monterrey cheeses, chile morita, tortillas. This is not a personal favorite of mine, but the table really liked it. Carne Asada (Top right) grilled skirt steak, sauteed chile poblano, chimichurri, chile morita sauce, sweet corn tamal, charro beans. Two people ordered this.The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare and all of the flavors meshed well together. Steak Quesadilla (bottom right), just your typical, delicious quesadilla, it also comes with peppers but I ordered it without. Kids Quesadilla (bottom right). Just a kids quesadilla, typical, child friendly and all the kiddos loved it.
Service was friendly and our server was awesome with the kids. No dirty looks and he even interacted with them. Food was good per usual. If you like guacamole, stop by in May for their guacamole festival...they have a whole bunch of fun variations to try...including grasshopper guac.

Other trips (please excuse the older entries, I was still getting into the groove of things) 
Happy Hour

Buenos Grill
7023 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA
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According to my last entry about this place, I said I would not be back, but a sweet girl and sprained ankle tugged at my heartstrings to come here. 

My cousin got chicken tacos which she liked. I ordered the 3 tacos as well, but tried one steak, one barbacoa and one carnitas. I was not thrilled with any of the meats. While they all seemed like good quality the meat was just bland and not very flavorful. The carnitas were the worst of the bunch. 
My opinion of the place is the same as before. I am just not satisfied with the meats. The toppings are all fresh which is awesome but if I am going to eat the meat, I would like it to have some flavor. On the other hand my uncle and his kids love this place, but he also admits to liking bland food (my aunt agrees with my opinion). To each his own. I am glad I gave it a second shot, but I am making the drive to Chipotle next time. 


  1. i was at la sandia on friday! i got the spicy orange margarita :) happy birthday love!!

    1. ooo I really wanted to try that, next time I go....and ill see you soon, cant wait!!

  2. You had me at mango mojito. :) Wising you a belated happy birthday!!