Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Falls Church: Four Sisters

Back in high school one of my bfs and I decided that we wanted to broaden our pallets and decided that we would go to a different ethnic restaurant every month. This phase only last about 6 months...we were 17 at the time, it was hard to commit back then apparently. Fast forward a bunch of years we decide that we need to bring back this tradition. 

Our first pick was a Vietnamese restaurant which I thought was pretty daring. Ok- not super daring (like the grasshopper tacos Jessie wants to try...I am not quite ready for that yet) but a change of pace from the usual restaurants we go to. 

We picked a well-reviewed restaurant, Four Sisters in Falls Church. I made reservations for a weeknight and it was packed, so I highly recommend making reservations before going out. 

I ordered a limeade with soda water. A lighter, soda-like drink that is refreshing accompaniment to the meal. 
Jessie and Lili ordered the Bánh Mì Tôm Chiên also known as shrimp toastI couldn't bring myself to try it as I hate shrimp but they both really enjoyed it. J described it as shrimp and toast molded together into on tasty morsel, almost like a shrimp and garlic bread. L said that the shrimp was delicious and plentiful  the right amount of salty, however it didn't have the traditional banh mi taste that one may look for. 
Based off about a million reviews of this place, we also decided to try the Cha Gio (#2) $4.25, Crispy Pork Spring Rolls. This was delicious, but very greasy.
Being one of the few people who has not tried pho I had to order these famed dish that everyone seems to be obsessed with. They have appetizer portions for only $4.95 so I decided on the Chicken Pho (#17) traditional Vietnamese soup consisting of rice noodles in a beef broth seasoned with star anise, cinnamon and cloves served with basil, bean sprouts and lime. This was pretty good, but according to pho expert Jessie, it lacked some depth that other phos have. 
For her meal, L ordered the Bun Gun Chio Chay (#138) $7.95 crispy vegetarian spring rolls served with rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, chopped mint, basil and peanuts. She said the rolls were perfectly fried and were a nice compliment to the noodles in the dish. 
Jessie ordered the Thit Heo Kho Tieu (#86) $13.95 caramelized pork with black pepper in a clay pot served with jasmine rice. She didn't like the dish, but I thought the flavors were different, but good and the meat was quality again, no funky pieces. 
Instead of getting my usual fried rice (always a safe and usually delicious bet) I decided to go outside the box and try Banh Uot Bo Nuong (#53) $10.95 grilled lemongrass beef served with steamed rice crepes, steamed bean sprouts, chopped mint, basil, peanuts and cucumbers. The beef was cooked perfectly, there were no grisly bits and the flavor was really good. My only complaint with this dish is the execution/how you are suppose to eat it with the "crepes." They just fell apart, not allowing you to be able to stuff it, so I just scrapped them altogether and at the meat and veggies mixed together. 
Because we clearly didn't have enough to eat for out meal, we decided to order dessert too. Mango Sorbet $6.50 and Lychee Ice Cream $6.50. These were both really good but the Lychee ice cream was the clear winner. It was light and flavorful, a perfect dessert to end the meal. 
This was a very good meal overall. We tried a ton of food and didn't break the bank. I can't speak on the authenticness of the food but I'd recommend all of the dishes above (although J might disagree with me on the pork one). It was really busy, and it's located in a bustling shopping center, so it wouldn't hurt to make a reservation before you go. 

8190 Strawberry Lane
Falls Church, VA
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  1. Looks like a fantastic meal. I would love to try it all. :) When I heard you say Four Sisters... I never thought it was Vietnamese... very interesting name. :)

  2. Looks like you had a great meal!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  3. yum.. looks delish! that drink was my fav part... seems so refreshing! :)