Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Annapolis: Wild Orchid Cafe

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! I spent the weekend with my mom and Jeff in Maryland relaxing. We decided that we wanted to go to brunch after some research and seeing who still had reservations my mom decided on Wild Orchid Cafe in Annapolis.
The meal started off with "complimentary" (emphasis on that) cinnamon rolls and a fruit salad. Nothing special, if you're starving a nice way to quench that hunger.
Mom and Jeff both ordered the Seafood and Spinach Strudel crab, scallops, shrimp and chopped spinach layered in a phyllo dough. The both thought it was alright, my mom said it was super indulgent and heavy, like eating a seafood spinach dip.
I ordered the Berry Crepe Trio strawberry, raspberry, blueberry filled crepes with Grand Marnier whipped cream. This was a lackluster dish. The crepes were subpar, and it was just a bland crepe experience all together. Perhaps if the crepes were served warm, it would have allowed the juices of the berries to come out more not making this such a dry experience. I actually just ate one of the crepes, and then ate the fruit out of the others. 
With the brunch special you got to order dessert as well. Jeff decided on the strawberry rubarb pie which he enjoyed.
I decided on the Vanilla Creme Brulee. This was the best part of my meal. A very good creme brulee. 
Mom got the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake which was pretty good. It was a lot lighter then your typical cheesecake which my mom really liked. 
Service was good here, but over all I just wasn't pleased with the Easter Brunch they offered-the food was very meh. With the exception of one item on their normal brunch menu, none of the choices go above $15, so I felt that Easter brunch was sort of a rip off in that aspect, especially because it was so limited. Basic drinks were also not included in this price. 

However it was Easter so it was nice to be with the family, I just don't think we will be celebrating here in the future. 

200 Westgate Circle #400
Annapolis, MD
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  1. Looks like a fantastic restaurant, thanks for sharing!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. That creme brulee def. looks like the best part!

  3. The food looks good.. but sorry it was mostly "meh". I think my favorite part would have been the complimentary cinnamon buns... well.. free is free right. Hee! hee! You know I'm frugal. LOL! :)