Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alexandria: Satay Sarinah

Who knew that a normal night out would turn into such an amazing experience. This months dining club dinner was at an Indonesian & Malaysian Restaurant, Satay Sarinah in Alexandria. The shopping center is a little chaotic so be warned. 
It was empty when we got there at 7 but it quickly filled up. 
Carrie got a iced tea juice box. Good but very sweet, so if you don't like sugar in your tea stay away. 
Hot Jasmine Tea. Good, your normal Jasmine tea. 
Based on rave reviews from yelp I decided to try the Avocado and Chocolate Smoothie. It was very good and different. The taste is hard to explain, but it is not what you would think. Everything works well together. All I can offer is that it is slightly sweet and tastes nothing like guacamole. 
Another rave review from yelp, the corn fritters Sweet corn, coriander seeds cilantro and scallion. A must get appetizer, perfectly fried.
After we ordered these we decided on the appetizer platter. Everything was pretty good on this except for the lumpiah (egg roll like things), which just didn't stand up to the other things on the plate. 
Carrie got the Ayam Bumbu Rujak "spicy grilled chicken" Topped with red chili sauce , salad and jasmine rice. This was really good, spicy but good.
Jessie got Laska soup A hearty rice noodles soup with shrimp, white meat chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, sprouts hard boiled egg in coconut milk broth (which is Malaysian, not Indonesian as our new friends made sure to point out). She said this was good, but it was super spicy. She also ordered a side of shrimp chips to dip in the soup, she said it helped cut the spicy some. 
I got the Chicken Satay Satay is very popular dish in Indonesia, consisting of tender meat charcoal grilled on bamboo skewers, served with Jakarta salad and jasmine rice. This was awesome, the meat and sauce were cooked perfectly and had amazing flavor.
R got Tahu Tempe "Hot & Spicy Tofu" Tofu, organic tempe, green beans in spicy coconut sauce. The sauce was good, but I just can't seem to like tofu ever. Not sure how R quite felt about the dish, but she didn't take the leftovers which is not a good sign.
Now to the amazing part of the meal. I noticed a tour bus pull up in front of the restaurant and thought ugh, its going to get super loud and crowded. Luckily that wasn't the case, the bus was full of people who worked for/were a part of the Indonesian Parliament and they were some of the nicest people I have met in awhile. 

They asked us if we had ever tried Indonesian food before, which we had not, and then they proceeded to make suggestions and basically made us try all the different types of food they ordered for their table. At first we tried to be polite, but eventually we just took everything they offered graciously. 

We tried a bunch of dishes that I personally never would have ordered so it was a great experience. Let me tell you, it is really hard to share soup with a bunch of strangers. 

I wish we got a photo with the entire group, but this still an awesome photo. I am now twitter friends with the guy standing up, Didi...He has 14k followers...pretty awesome, although I can't read the majority of his tweets. 
I am assuming that Satay Sarinah is very authentic as the Indonesian people that we ate with all liked their meals. The food and service was great, I will be back. 

512-A South Van Dorn Street
Alexandria, VA
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  1. Looks like a fantastic restaurant, that avocado chocolate smoothie looks bangin!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. Mmmm.. I would love everything at this restaurant. All the food you picked looked delicious. I wish I could taste that chocolate avocado shake. YUM!