Friday, February 22, 2013

Roti Mediterranean Grill

Happy National Margarita Day...wish it was in the warmer weather...oh well. I don't need an excuse to drink Margaritas. If you're looking for delicious margaritas, check these bad boys out!

The other night Carrie and I were trying to go to a networking happy hour and DC and because of traffic we got there late and missed it. Not wanting to make the trip a waste, we wandered around DC trying to find some place that wasn't super packed to eat (CAPS game). Our goal was Merzi, and Indian-like Chipotle place far enough away that we would be able to sit and eat. On our walk there we spotted Roti Mediterranean Grill-another Chipotle like restaurant spin-off so we decided to just try them instead. 

We both ordered the Chicken topped with the yogurt dill sauce. With the platter you choose your base (both got rice) and you get three choices of veggies. The chicken was really good, and so was the yogurt sauce. The rice was bad, overcooked and the veggies were not really good at all. Carrie did like her olives, but she always pointed out its pretty hard to mess those up.
Side of hummus to split. Average.
Unfortunately Roti did not sit well with us. Perhaps if the veggies were better, or the set up was different it would have been more enjoyable. I was not a fan of how everything was its own separate entity as opposed to one dish (like Merzi, Medi & Chipotle). Maybe they were having a bad night, who knows? All I know is we ate the meat, scrapped the rest and went next door to District Taco to get some guacamole and beer. 

1311 F Street NW
Washington, DC


  1. Yummy that all looks delicious! I will definitely have to check it out next time I am in DC :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. Sorry it didn't taste as good as it looks. Guacamole and beer isn't a bad way to finish off the evening. :)