Saturday, February 2, 2013

NYC: Agozar

A couple of years ago when I was in the city a friend and I stumbled across a by a restaurant called Agozar that had buy1get1 free drinks & tapas on a Saturday night. Of course we stopped in (who wouldn't !?). It ended up being a great deal for NYC and the drinks were really good.

Fast forward a couple of years later (mid-January) when we were trying to figure out cheapish places to go for Carrie's birthday I remembered this place that had this deal, we checked online, saw they still had it and decided to go. 
1. Mariquitas plantain chips/ guacamole/ black bean hummus. Good. Great to snack on while you are drinking and chatting. Actually got this for free from checking into Agozar on FourSquare. 
2. Calmari calmari/ Domican honey $9. The group thought it was average.
3. Camarones al Ajillo shrimp/ double garlic sauce $9. The entire group loved this (I passed because I hate shrimp) but I thought the sauce it was cooked in was pretty darn tasty.
4. Milanesa crispy eggplant/goat cheese/tomato sofrito $9. Was sort of a let down. The eggplant wasn't seasoned enough so everything was pretty bland. Could have been wonderful had the eggplant been decent.
5. Escabeche crispy mahi mahi/ sweet pepper ragu/ corn tortilla $10. Kind of a let down, not bad, but nothing special. 
6. Buñuelos warm donuts/chocolate ganache/ vanilla ice cream $6. Good, I'd get it again.
7. Sangria $6. Good, our group consumed quite a few of these. 

Although the food (only tried tapas) wasn't stellar-it was still good (there were some winners). The ambiance, prices & service were spot on. The bartenders were awesome and sociable. They actually gave us the dessert for free because it was Carrie's birthday and the partook in singing with the rest of us. Perfect place for a happy hour or a gathering to catch up with some friends over drinks and small plates. 

324 Bowery Street
New York, NY 10012
Greenwich Village
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