Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mr Smith's & a little bit of Georgetown

My friend Teddy and I took advantage of the awesome weather on Sunday to explore Georgetown a little and get some lunch. We stumbled upon Mr. Smiths of Georgetown after seeing that they had a brunch special. 

We parked quite a bit away but we go to see this cool view. 
Exorcist stairs...I don't remember this part of the movie, but then again I had my eyes closed for about half of it. Very cool to see it. 
Mr Smiths brunch special was about $16 for 2 drinks (champagne, mimosa, bloody mary) and a item from their normal brunch menu (they had a page of specials when we went). The mimosa was ok, kinda of tasted like Tang mixed with champagne. 
We both got the Brunch Burger poached or fried, atop the best tasting Hamburger in town, reclining gently on two English Muffins served with Homefries. Teddy got sunnyside up eggs and he enjoyed his. I got mine fried and I requested the yolks to be fully cooked. I also subbed out the breakfast potatoes for a side of curly fires. I wasn't a huge fan of this in general. It was just kind of a blah dish.
Side of curly fries. Teddy ate these but I thought the oil tasted old. They weren't your typical wonderful curly fries. 
The garden seating however was wonderful. 
The food here wasn't my favorite and the service was pretty crappy. The server was nice, but he was not on top of his game. He forgot about my curly fries after charging me extra to switch it out, my egg was really yolky (luckily I am getting over my fear of yolk so I was able to eat it) and things were just really slow in general. I wouldn't come back here to sit and eat but maybe for happy hour.

3104 M Street NW
Washington, DC
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The Canal....a very dry one. 
Waterfront & view of the Kennedy Center
Georgetown Waterfront
Felt creepy taking a picture of kids...but have you ever seen one of these being used for ice skating? All I had to support me when I learned to skate as a kid was the wall. 
More of the waterfront


  1. I have eaten there and like you was not impressed with the food or service. Did you go to Georgetown Cupcakes?!?! It is only my most favorite place! I will make the drive from Fredericksburg for their cupcakes without a blink of an eye! ;)

    1. I actually haven't been to Gtown Cupcakes, I want to try it but everytime I am in the area there is always a huge line which I am not quite willing to wait in.

    2. If you order online ahead of going (a day or two) then you can go right in and not wait in the line. Woop Woop! ;)

  2. Looks like you had fun!

    We were just at the gas station by those stairs recently. Eery. ;)

    Food looks yummy!

  3. What a fun outing. I love that brunch item you picked.... eggs, burger... hash.. YUM! Sorry it was not as tasty as you hoped. I bet you can make this at home for 100% less cost and make it taste 100x better. :)

    1. ugh I know. I am kicking myself for ordering something I could have made a million times better. Eggs benedict for me next time!