Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lebanese Taverna: Tysons Galleria

When my uncle was in town the other weekend we met up for dinner at the Lebanese Taverna. A couple weeks ago I went to the reopening party for the location in DC so I was pretty pumped to be sitting down and eating. 

There serve all meals with some bread like thing and olive oil. Zaytina offers this same bread, and I am just not a fan. However the olive oil was tasty. 
For an appetizer we split the Sujok spicy sausage: beef and lamb, garlic, tomato sauce. It was pretty good, not overly spicy. 
We also ended up getting an order of grape leaves rice, chickpeas, tomatoes, mint, parsley on the house because they brought my uncle out the wrong dish and had to send it back. These were delicious. 
My favorite Lebanese dish EVER. Or pretty far up there, Lamb Fatteh chickpeas, toasted pita, pine nuts, yogurt sauce, garlic, pomagranate seeds. Perfect dish. All of the flavors went together really well. Sweet, tangy, savory & a little salty. Perfection. 
My uncle got the mixed kabobs: lamb, chicken & kafta. He thought it was pretty good. 
This was a pretty good experience overall. When they made a mistake with my uncle's entree, they offered up a free appetizer while it was being recooked. I thought that it was the appropriate gesture/resolution for a situation like that.  I will be back :)
1840 International Drive
Tysons Corner, VA
Tysons 2/Tysons Galleria
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