Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pittsburgh Pizza & Grill

After my Uncle's award ceremony Saturday night (more on that later) we were all starving so we decided to order pizza. Trying to figure out what place was still open (11:40pm) and delivered we settled on Pittsuburgh Pizza & Grill.

Pepperoni Pizza.
 1/2 Cheese 1/2 Anchovy (bleh, but the man of the hour wanted it)
Cheesy Bread. Good, basic cheesy bread. 
Everything here was very good. The cheesy bread was average, but the pizza was definitely above average. Need pizza? Give Pittsburgh Pizza & Grill a try!

Plus one of their delivery guys is extremely patient, major props for not freaking out when the dog bounded out the door! AND they let us place an order for delivery 20 minutes before closing!

918 Main Street
Sharpsburg, PA 15215
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