Monday, November 26, 2012

Funfetti Cake Waffles

There have been a lag of blog posts lately because every time I try and upload photos, blogger tells me I have reached my capacity and I need to buy more space in order to upload. It doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem so I am trying to figure out if it is my computer??

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break, the first half of mine was great (I'd post photos...but it wont let me), but I have been sick since Sunday and I had to call off work today :(
But enough about me and my problems and more about these delicious Funfetti Cake Waffles. A wonderful dessert or special breakfast, these are awesome for any time. The first time I made these, I put them in baggies and ate them throughout the week for breakfast. Not super healthy, but it made for a great start to my mornings :) You could make these with any cake mix, but I have a particular fondness for funfetti!

Funfetti Cake Waffles
1 box of cake mix
3 eggs
1 1/3 cups water
1/3 oil (vegetable, canola, etc)
optional: whipped cream, sprinkles, butter, chocolate sauce, etc
1. Plug in and heat up your waffle maker. 
2. Mix all of the above ingredients in a bowl. 
3. Put batter in waffle maker (whatever amount your particular waffle maker suggests) and cook for suggested time your waffle maker starts, mine has a light that tells me when it is done. 
4. Serve with toppings (optional:whipped cream, butter, syrup, chocolate, etc)

It's that easy and it's a fun change from your typical waffle or cake! Enjoy!

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