Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cameo Caring Awards in Pittsburg

This weekend my mom, Jeff and I drove up to Pittsburgh to surprise my uncle. He received a Cameo of Caring award and there was this big award ceremony so my aunt and mom thought it would be awesome to surprise him by showing up to the ceremony without him knowing. We managed to pull it off and it meant a lot to him so I am really happy we did it.

Prepare for an overload of photos from the event in no particular order :)

Chocolate Bars at every place setting
 Spinach, Goat Cheese, Craisen and Pecan Salad served with a Cinnamon dressing(not shown). I enjoyed the salad, but it is not a good universal salad to give to big groups of people. However I will be trying to recreate the cinnamon dressing at some point, yum.
 Part of the table
 Pumpkin Bread with Apple Pie like filling and whipped cream on top. Pretty good, all the flavors went well together-new idea for serving pumpkin bread? I make better pumpkin bread though :)
 Chicken and scallops with broccolini and roasted tomatoes & potatoes. Pretty good, thought it was an appropriate taste for an assortment of people.

Worlds Dirtiest Nursing Award.

Pictures from the night !
Mom, Jeff & I
Aunt, Uncle, Me, Mom, Jeff
Uncle & I right before the ceremony was about to start.
Uncle & I with his award <3
Before we went out hanging with the Hups. 

Great Weekend filled with family :)

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