Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buenos Grill in Annandale

A couple months ago I saw construction on a restaurant right by my house and I got pretty excited because the only thing near me food wise is Korean Food, Subway, Quiznos and fast food. Everything else is like a 10 minute drive away (which I suppose isn't too bad, but this is NOVA, we like convenience).

Buenos Grill finally opened on Halloween, and I decided to wait a couple of weeks (2) before I went so they had time to get their kinks out (if they had any).

The set up is similar to any of the Chipotle like chains.
Cousin got a burrito bowl
Other one got a single chicken taco & a kid's quesadilla
Uncle ordered the chicken tacos.
And I ordered the 3 tacos, one with chicken, steak and barbacoa. 
& a side of Guacamole
Overall this place was ok. The meat was average, my favorite was the barbacoa because it had the most flavor. Nothing about this place was bad, but unfortunately nothing about this place was really good either. 

Similar restaurants like Chipotle, Moe's & Qdoba all have something about it that makes them stand out, while I didn't really witness anything here (amazing/fresh/flavorful ingredients,  free chips + salsa bar, AMAZING queso). They apparently have appetizers that you can order during the dinner hours, but you don't really come to this type of place and order appetizers. 
This place is appealing to kids, my extremely picky cousins love it so I know my uncle will be taking them back because it is so close. I on the other hand will drive the 10-15 extra minutes to Chipotle or Qdoba if I am in the mood for this type of food.

While I personally don't enjoy the place, I forsee it doing well in this area because of they are the only type of "quick bite" in this area that is not fast food or subway. 

7023 Columbia Pike
AnnandaleVA 22003
(703) 623-6854
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