Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Week Day 3: Pumpkin Beer Tasting!

Hey all! Pumpkin Week Day 3!!! Instead of a recipe I have a pumpkin beer review from a pumpkin party that I had the other night where I asked everyone who came to bring a different pumpkin beer :)

It decided that we would do a blind taste test for the beers to make things interesting. Before everyone came over, I decided that I would do one of the beers twice just to see if I could throw anyone off. 

The beers that we sampled were:

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The overall winner was the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Everyone really liked it. 

Runners up were KBC and Shipyard. 

The others were listed as ok to meh in liking. The Dogfish was hoppier then I would have liked, so if you don't like hops (I HATE them) then this is not for you. 

All of these beers are worth trying at some point, but if you want to play it safe, stick with the Blue Moon. 

There are a ton of other pumpkin beers out there, so get exploring!! And let me know if you find one that's amazing! 

Funny things/things I've noticed about doing a tasting
-I actually did the Blue Moon beer twice, from the same package and while everyone loved the first, the all really didn't like the second. I think it was due to the overload of beer without a break in between. Everyone was shocked that the beer they said they really didn't like was the same one they all said they really liked.

-I am not a beer expert by any means/pro on holding tastings, but as I have noticed with wine, you definitely need a pallet cleanser for beer-especially when things are so similar

-I have a ton of leftover beer in my fridge, so I have been periodically drinking them over the past few days (for sampling purposes) and have noticed that 3 are pretty similar (or I am just a really bad judge...quite possible): Blue Moon, Shipyard, KBC

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