Monday, October 1, 2012

Meaza Ethiopian Cuisine in Falls Church

I met up with my uncle who is town for business the other night for dinner. He wanted to try something new and decided upon Ethiopian. I have to admit, my heart pretty much sank because I am not a huge fan of Ethiopian, in fact I had pretty much written it off. Not to say that Ethiopian is bad, but it is definitely not my cup of tea. I have had it once before and I was less then thrilled. 
Even though I had the opportunity to bail, I decided, hey why not give Ethiopian a 2nd chance (photos above are from my first experience). Not wanting to go into DC, I did some research on places and found one in Falls Church with great reviews called Meaza

We started off with an appetizer of Sambusa lentil, onions, green peppers in a crispy wrap and deep fried. This was ok, it would have been really good if there was some sort of sauce on the side because it was dry.
What is original/very different (in my opinion/the truth) about Ethiopian is the way the meals are served. Food is presented on this sourdough/spongy/pancakey like bread called Injera. You rip pieces off and grab the food and eat it, rarely do you use silverware in Ethiopian cuisine. I am totally for the whole eating with your hands thing, it's an awesome experience...and you know-less dishes. However there is something about Injera that I just really do not like (as you can see from my photos above). They also give you the option of getting your meat raw...that would make for an interesting experience. 
Meaza Tibs cubes of beef sauteed with onion, garlic, green pepper, olive oil. This was ok, flavor was fine, I just was not a fan of the texture of the meat. 
Ye Beg Kikil lamb stew made in a very spicy tasty sauce with garlic, onion, Ethiopian butter and tumeric. Another decent dish, preferred this over the beef.
Misir Wot lentils cooked in red sauce with onion, garlic, special sauce and olive oil. It was delightfully spicy and flavorful. My favorite of the night. 
Everything laid out on the injera. 

So there you have it, my second attempt at Ethiopian food. I know I didnt really seem like I enjoyed the meal, but its more of the cuisine that I am not the biggest fan of (especially the injera). If you are into this type of food or looking for an adventure then I strongly suggest coming here and giving Meaza a try. 

5700 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA
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