Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row

I met up with Lili last weekend to do a little shopping and we decided to get lunch afterwards. The great thing about shopping at Pentagon Mall is that if you are hungry you are not stuck eating mall fast food because you can walk to the row where there a ton of additional shops and restaurants. We settled upon Thaiphoon and took a seat outdoors. 
We started off with a Thai Iced Tea and a Thai Coffee, both $2.95. I found out that I don't like either....the tea was way to sweet for me but Lili said both were good, your typical results. 
For our appetizer we got Curry Puffs $5.95 : Curried, minced chicken, potatoes, and onions stuffed in wonton skin, deep-fried until golden brown and served with cucumber relish. Really good, sort of reminds me of a Indian Samosa but easier to eat and this version has chicken in it. Cucumber relish is good, but they give you barley any so if you order this ask for an additional side of relish. 
I ordered Chicken Panang $12.95 (my typical go to Thai dish) : choice of beef, chicken, or pork in homemade, creamy red curry peanut sauce sprinkled with kaffir lime leaves. I personally would have preferred a little more heat but this was good, your typical panang curry.
Lili ordered Drunken Noodles $10.95beef, chicken, pork or shrimps sautéed with wide rice noodles, chili, garlic, basil leaves, onions, and tomatoes. This was really good and spicy and she enjoyed her dish. 

We both took half of our meals home, and they were able to pack up the left over drinks in to-go cups too which I thought was awesome. 

We did have a little snafu with the billing...Instead of splitting our bills 50/50 they charged me the correct half ~20 and they still charged Lili the full amount. When she went to get it resolved they said they corrected it but the next day Lili checked her account and they did no such thing. She handled it pretty well and has hopefully gotten it fixed by now. Good thing it happened to her because I probably would have been a lot more pissed off.
Besides that not so nice experience I still thought Thaiphoon had tasty food, a cute environment and good service. Stop by if you enjoy Thai food!
1310 S Joyce Street
Arlington, VA
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