Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Stuff Eatery and DC day Part 2

Woo! I've finally started to check stuff off my to do list for restaurants to try this year. Half way done. After an awesome morning seeing President Obama take off in Marine One, I decided that I would take my cousins around DC and we would get lunch. As soon as I made the decesion to stay in DC I settled on Good Stuff Eatery for lunch. 

We got there at the end of the lunch hour but it was still pretty crowded. We managed to snag a table in I saw an opening and made my cousins run outside to get it :)
When you enter, you order and pay at the counter and then are given a buzzer to come get your food when it is ready. They serve it to you in bags and give you trays so you can divide it up by person.
Zoe ordered the Farm House Burger with Cheddar Cheese $6.50. She loved her burger. Just your basic burger with cheese. 
We split an order of Sunny's Handcut Fries $3.69 topped with sea salt. They were ok, cousins loved them but I like my fries crispy so I was nit the biggest fan. 
Izak ordered the Spike's Sunnyside $6.98 with dairy fresh cheese, Applewood bacon, a farm fresh fried egg on a brioche bun with good stuff sauce. I tried a bite, but I can't handle eggs with runny yolks. The cousin loved it, and I overheard a passerby say that this was the best burger served here. 
I ordered the Colletti's Smokehouse $6.98 applewood bacon, sharp vermont cheddar, fried vidalia onion rings with chipotle bbq sauce. This was pretty good but I wish the onions didnt get soggy as quickly and that there was a little more crunch to it. 
Good Stuff boasts their dipping bar, so I of course had to try all of the dips. The chipotle mayo was the best, the mango mayo was interesting-not sure if I liked it or not and I was not a fan of the sirachi or the oldbay (but i don't like Old Bay) mayos.
We ended the meal with 2 Mini Moos $3.95 (kids sized milkshakes aka normal sized ones). One Chocolate, thick wonderful chocolate goodness, definitely one of the best chocolate milkshakes that I have had. The Oreo was good, but I have had better. They have other fun flavors that I would like to try eventually.
Good Stuff Eatery was good. Better then a lot of other burger places I have been to, Spike totally kicks Bobby's butt for burgers (both have been/are on food network). Eating his burgers, I could tell that it was good quality, and the patties were made perfectly. His burgers were flavorful and there area a lot of great options for flavor combos and healthy choices(like lettuce wrapped or turkey burgers). 

I have Spike's Burger cookbook so I was pretty pumped that I got to come and finally try the burgers behind the cookbook.

Next time it's off to try We, The Pizza, Spikes other restaurant conveniently located next door :)

303 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC
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Before lunch we had an adventure to work up our appetite. After spending the morning doing this, we decided to hit up the Mall/Smithsonian Row! 

We started off at the Butterfly Garden outside of the Natural History Musuem. So cool, and my cousin Zoe totally put me to shame on being able to name the butterflies. The employees/volunteers of the Butterfly Garden were super sweet/knowlegable/loved what they were doing which I thought was awesome and refreshing.
Took some fun pictures on the mall. 
Hung outside the Hirshorn Museum for a bit. Me with a dragon because the nerd in me thinks they are awesome and then a sculpture that reminds me of the cartoon Avatar.
Went to the Air and Space Museum and the Botanical Gardens. Love this picture of my cousin, I think with her dress she looks like a fairy :)
This was a great day in DC, although my feet are killing me because I spent about 8 hours on my feet in heels, did not plan that out very well. 

I always forget how much I love DC until I step foot in it. Hope you enjoyed my adventure and thanks for stopping by!

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