Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2Amys Pizza in Washington DC

2Amys, rumored to be one of the best pizza places in the DC area by both bloggers and critics alike-a place I have been dying to try for pretty much forever. This weekend I recruited my friend Carrie, who was just as excited, to come with me to give this illustrious place a try.

It's located pretty out of the way in DC, at least for Northern Virginians like myself. The closest metro is a hike away(about 15 minutes), but if you drive there is plenty of street and neighborhood parking around. We went for a later lunch so we didn't have to wait but I have heard that their lines can get pretty crazy at times. 

The inside is adorable, bright and bustling, a quaint neighborhood restaurant. 
We started off with an order of Bruschetta with tomato fondutta $7.95. Not your typical bruschetta, more of a tomato sauce spread. The bread was very yummy and the tomato fondutta was good as well. My complaint is that if you didn't eat your bread right away it got extremely soggy. Thought the price was a little steep for there not being actual tomato chunks on the bread.
Because neither of us were super thrilled with the premade pizza options, we decided to just split a Margherita Extra Tomato, mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes $12.95. This pizza was just ok, Carrie and I both were not thrilled with this pizza. The toppings were quality but the crust was ok and the middle (while I know its normally thin and can be a little soggy) was really watered down and flimsy. In fact a diner at the table next to us even made a comment about the lack of sauce and how watery it was. 
I was expecting greatness and sadly I received nothing near. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I am by no means an expert in Neapolitan Pizza but I have had a enough to know what its suppose to taste like. The flavor of the crust was ehh, and the sauce was just sauce. There was nothing really outstanding about this pie. Service was your typical good service.

If you are looking for an excellent Neapolitan Pizza I suggest visiting the Ballston area and giving Pupatella a try. I have been there multiple times and never been disappointed- I have gotten several people hooked on its greatness. Good news too, they have expanded to the store next to them and have a bigger seating area now!

While I won't be back, if you find yourself in the area give 2Amys a try and form an opinion for yourself...or you know, just head on down to Pupatella and thank me later :)

3715 Macomb Street NW

Washington, DC
Cleveland Park
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