Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Waffle Frolic

Based off the recommendation of some locals that we know, we decided to stop by Waffle Frolic for some lunch.
You order at the counter and then wait until your name is called to collect your food. They have outdoor seating or indoor seating upstairs. Upstairs has a cute little area that reminds me of a coffee shop/place to hang out (I guess this place is technically part coffee shop so it makes sense)
Zoe ordered a single waffle with nutella and butter. The nutella was delicious, perfect topping for the waffle.
 Izak ordered his waffle with chocolate chips and syrup. He loved it.
 Mom got hers with Belgian Chocolate and butter. She enjoyed hers as well.
I wasn't feeling waffles so I ordered a grilled Havarti cheese with apple butter, caramelized onions and bacon. Very interesting but tasty combination. I forgot how heavy grilled cheeses are but I enjoyed it-something I will try to recreate at home.
Overall this place was pretty good. Not the best waffles I have had, but they get the job done. This place is perfect for kids (or adults with different tastes) because of the ability to customize your own toppings.  All of the waffles shown above are single servings, but they offer a double as well. They also offer vegan/glutenfree/dietary restriction friendly options.

146 East Street
Ithaca, NY
in the Ithaca Commons
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