Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party!

A couple of weeks ago I helped out my stepsister with her daughters birthday party. She had decided on the theme Rainbows so I was super excited to help out (LOVE colors)-and to get some extra time with the fam in.

I took my older niece Addison out for a birthday lunch and some shopping for her birthday present. After that we drove back to her house and hung around, ate dinner at Lovetsville Pizza, started the cake and decorations.

Here are some basic good decorations for a rainbow party, including my personal favorite on the ceiling. You can not look and it and not be happy at the colorful happiness. This is a great decoration idea in general, switching the color up to suit your needs for whatever theme you may have.We start out with determining where the middle of the room was and the started slowly safety pinning everything up.
Then these adorable cloud decorations that Megan thought up. Basically all you need to do is take 2 pieces of sturdy white paper and cut out a cloud pattern. Cut your ribbon and tape to the inside (we used double sided tape...wonderful invention) and then punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon though. 
She ordered some rainbow designs from etsy where she made a happy birthday banner and cut out each of the girls names in fun rainbow printed paper.
Megan planned out an assortment of food so bright and early Saturday morning we got right to work. We made lots of things. One of the rainbow foods-rainbow kabobs. Delicious fun way to go along with the theme. Fun idea for the tops of pineapples-clean them off and then spray them with pam/crisco spray, it gives them a nice shine! This is also a good project for the kids to help with, Addison and her brother both loved helping us skewer the fruit!
Then the rainbow cake. This cake was a pain in the butt to make. It ended up looking good and everyone loved it so it was worth it. Here's the link to the tutorial because it's done beautifully. I can offer one recomendation, if you do not have the type of biscuit cutter the blogger has with the long handle, you might want to consider cutting it into squares. We used biscuit cutters but the handles were short so after cutting 2 cakes out we decided to just cut the last one into squares.
Then we made BaNilla Wafers and coated the sides in rainbow sprinkles. Take 2 vanilla wafers, spread the bottom of each with peanut butter, then take a slice of banana and make a sandwich out it. Roll in sprinkles and set on plate!
There was also a lot of delicious non-rainbow foods at the party. Deviled Eggs...
Antipasto Kabobs. Delicious! Take whatever anitpasto-like toppings you prefer and skewer them. Megan bought marinated mozzarella balls which added a nice flavor. 
Pepperoni Dip. So delicious-I will be featuring a recipe on this later. You will def be surprised by some of the ingredients!
Some of the set up...after this I pretty much forgot to take photos of the food-just some cute baby shots!
All the bday girls waiting for the yummy cake!
Megan made the twins this adorable rainbow tutus and Addison a rainbow barret.
My niece "helping" me out (trying all the dif veggies I cut) while I made the veggie platter!

Other cool rainbow ideas... - use lots of colors of M&M's

Hope this helps anyone throwing a rainbow party or gives you fun food ideas!


  1. Wow! What an amazing decoration! Simply loved it. I have never seen any home studios NYC decorated like this. And I really liked the rainbow cake slices, filled my mouth with water! Thanks for sharing some unique ideas here, I am definitely going to use these for my kid’s birthday celebration.

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