Friday, August 17, 2012

Momofuku Noodle Bar

The other weekend when I was in NYC visiting one of my bf's we decided to go to Momofuku Noodle Bar for lunch. I had heard a ton of things about this trendy place and I had to try it.
D got a glass of vino $9 and I tried one of their frozen alcoholic slushies, a Small Sangria $6. The wine was decent, typical red but the sangria was pretty bad. It didn't taste anything like sangria to me and it just had a weird taste overall. 
Based on popularity and many reviews from multiple outlets, we decided to try the Pork Buns $10 hoisin, scallion, cucumber for an appetizer. This was really good, I have never had anything like it and I went outside of my box trying this.
D ordered the special Ramen of the day, a Vegetable Ramen $14. She really enjoyed it and I thought it was pretty good too. 
I ordered the Chilled Spicy Noodles $14 sichuan spiced sausage, spinach, cashews. This was delicious, I loved it. It was really spicy, the kind of spicy were you get a little sniffly but not to spicy where you can't taste anything. 
So did Momofuku live up to its hype? I thought it was a good restaurant, not the kind of restaurant where I would wait outside in line for awhile kind of good. The portions were hearty, I took my noodles home and actually ended up eating them for dinner and they tasted almost as good as before. It seemed a little pretentious to us but maybe that is just NYC?

171 1st Avenue
New York, New York
East Village
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