Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moby Dicks House of Kabobs: FFX Town Ctr

My mom and I both share a love of kabobs so when we were in the area meeting dinner there was no doubt in our mind where we would dine, Moby Dicks House of Kabobs. A place we have been going to for years. They boast 16 locations around the NOVA area however I can only vouch for the one in Fairfax Town Center, but if they have expanded this much then they have to be good. I was exploring their website and I see that their Dupont Location is open until 4am???? Perhaps a visit in the future is in order :)

If you order an entree they give you bread and delicious yogurt sauce as a starter! Love their yogurt sauce.
I ordered Moby's Combo III $12.49  which came with kubideh (Ground sirloin, grated onion with our house seasoning) and lamb served over rice. The kubideh here is wonderful and the lamb was good. Dang blogger wont let me rotate the photos...they decide which direction the photos should be-annoying.
My mom ordered Moby's Combo II $10.49 that comes with chicken(Joojeh) and kubideh. Per usual the kubideh is always a winner. I have found over the last few years their chicken has not been as consistent in the flavor but it's good.
I really like the kubideh, it is some of the best that I have had in this area. The other meats are good, but I think the kubideh is the star here. I recommend this place, the prices are decent, portions are big and food comes out quick-what more could you want?


12154 Fairfax Town Ctr
Fairfax, VA
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