Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La Villa Roma in Leesburg

I am finally getting over my slump and am back to blogging (hopefully)! Anyways the other day I took my niece to her first dance class because parents/siblings were going to see the Fresh Beat Band at Wolf Trap. 

Before I get into the review, I just have to comment on the audacity/rudeness/stuckupness of people. I was sitting in the waiting room at her class and minding my own business playing on my phone/reading a book. Keep in mind its a small room so you can hear peoples conversations-pretty impossible not to eavesdrop. These two ladies were talking, and while they were both conservative-it was clear one was more conservative then the other and I guess one of the ladies was getting annoyed. Fast forward 30 minutes the more conservative lady gets up to go to the bathroom and the other lady turns to the woman next to her and starts badmouthing this lady. In a small room where other people can hear...made me scared to leave the room because I was different from the other ladies in the waiting area-who knows what kind of negative things would be said about me because of those differences. 

This is a place with young children around-I just don't understand people sometimes.

Anyways I had Addison (my niece) pick where she wanted to go and she picked the Italian Restaurant right next door, La Villa Roma. She fell asleep on the way home (had to throw in a cute pic!)
When you enter you order at the counter, pay, take a number and sit wherever  you want. Kinda confusing but the employees were nice so it all worked out.

For an appetizer we split an order of Curly Fries $5.79...delicious! Humongous-way to much for two people (and I enjoy myself some fries)-you definitely get your moneys worth with these fries.
I ordered a small Garden Salad $3.79 with House Dressing and a Slice of Cheese Pizza $2.19. The dressing was a little bland but passable and the slice of pizza was good.
Addison ordered the kid's portion Ziti $5.99. She loved her meal and I thought it wasn't bad-good for kids, another big portion. I don't know if the adult portion is different, but the sauce didn't stick to the noodles and there wasn't a lot of it in general.
The prices were good, food was good and employees were nice. I would recommend this if you are looking for a quick and reasonable bite to eat. My only complaint is that the food came out randomly-would have been nice to get the appetizer first and our meals together but it all worked out in the end. 

305 E Market Street 
Leesburg, VA 
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